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Still Here!

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Hi there. I wanted you to know I’m still here, healthy and busy as ever.

Why no blog articles in the recent weeks?

Well, because I’ve been too busy! Unlike many in these perilous times, the consulting work has remained steady – or even picked up a bit! As always, the paying clients get priority over the rest of you. I suppose that if I made y’all pay for a subscription, then I would feel more compunction to generate blog articles like clockwork. But I don’t charge and you don’t pay; so the ones that do pay get to go to the head of the line.

Another thing: this year’s SDSU night class has started. Yes, I’m teaching “Financial Management of Government Contracts” again. But this time it’s all distance learning. That change has required me to transfer lots of course material into Blackboard and to learn this Zoom thingee everybody has been talking about. I am fine using WebEx, but Zoom is new. (And I confess I’m not very good at it yet. My class is amazingly patient with me.) Anyway, the number of hours I’ve put in revising last year’s slides, creating new content, and developing weekly quizzes was disappointingly high. Kind of makes this teaching thing a bit of a labor of love. That class continues for five more weeks.

Did I mention that both textbooks have been edited and submitted to LexisNexis? Yep. That was another couple of hundred hours of labor spent that could have gone into more blog articles. (I’m not complaining. Or at least, not much. I get paid for editing.) The new editions should be coming out this summer.

Looking to the near future, my ACI conference, “DCAA and DCMA Costs, Pricing, Compliance & Audits,” was postponed from its original June timeframe. Currently, it is scheduled for the end of August. Link: here. I’m team-teaching a CPSR Workshop and also participating on the Commercial Items panel.

So, yes. Busy times. But I know how blessed I am to be busy when so many others are not busy, or may not even have jobs at the moment. That’s why I’m absolutely not complaining. But it’s also why I haven’t put out the blog articles for a while. I promise to get back into the routine soon!

Until then, I ask your indulgence.



Effective January 1, 2019, Nick Sanders has been named as Editor of two reference books published by LexisNexis. The first book is Matthew Bender’s Accounting for Government Contracts: The Federal Acquisition Regulation. The second book is Matthew Bender’s Accounting for Government Contracts: The Cost Accounting Standards. Nick replaces Darrell Oyer, who has edited those books for many years.