Gone But Still Here

Nick Sanders


Well, it’s time for another trip—this time to attend the 17th Annual Compliance and Ethics Institute, sponsored by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Three-and-a-half days of workshops and keynotes and breakout sessions.

Naturally, my focus will be on compliance risks and plans related to Federal government contractors. But I will also be dabbling in other areas, such as UK and Ireland compliance regulations, establishing compliance programs for small and medium-sized businesses, and establishing a culture of compliance in the larger companies.

Yes, yes. I know. The Compliance Institute is being held in Las Vegas. Go ahead and smirk, if you must. But the fact is that, from Sunday through Wednesday, I will be attending about 20 hours of learning. Maintaining my SCCE certification requires 40 hours of CPE annually, and this is going to be a big chunk of my annual requirement. So I’m going to attend all the sessions and make sure to turn in the signed CPE forms at each one of them.

Of course, what happens after class stays in Vegas….

Seriously, though. I’m kind of over Vegas. For a long time I visited the city at least twice a year, to teach Fed Pubs classes. I kind of got all the expensive misbehaviors out of my system. My blackjack days have been over for a long time. At this point, I look forward to having a nice meal with a glass of wine and retiring early to bed.

Federal government contract compliance is what I have done for many years, and it’s nice to see that niche explored within a broader context of “compliance” as it relates to entities other than Federal contractors.

So I’m off to Vegas and, by the time you’re reading these words, I’ll be hip-deep into the SCCE’s Compliance and Ethics Institute. Which means that I won’t be writing any more blog articles until I get back.

See you then.