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Home News Archive New and Updated DCAA Audit Programs

New and Updated DCAA Audit Programs

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Since we bag on DCAA for failing to publish its MRDs, it’s only fair we let readers know that the audit agency has been busy updating old audit programs and adding some new ones. Here’s what you need to know. All programs are dated November, 2017, unless otherwise noted.


10100 Incurred Cost Audits

10110 A-133 Audits

10160 Incurred Costs (Consulting Services)

10310 Non-Major Contractors Labor Floorchecks (MAAR 6)

10320 Purchase Existence and Consumption (MAAR 13)

12500 Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS) Audit

13010 Accounting and Control of Labor Costs

13500 Major Contractors Labor Floorchecks/Interviews (MAAR 6)

14980 Indirect and ODC System Internal Controls

15600 Limitation of Payments

17100 Termination

17200 Claim for Delay or Disruption

17330 Reconciliation of Contracts

17930 Compliance with Billing Instructions

17500 Progress Payments

17740 Pre-Award Survey Contractor Accounting System

17741 Post-Award Accounting System Audit, Non-Major Contractors

19100 Adequacy/Compliance of Initial Disclosure Statement

19100 Adequacy/Compliance of Revised Disclosure Statement

194xx Compliance with Individual Cost Accounting Standards (various)

19500 CAS Cost Impact Proposals

21000 Price Proposals

42000 Truth in Negotiations (TINA) Audits


17600 DFAS Financial Capability

17600 Financial Capability

17800 Government Facility Rental Payments

17850 CPRs, C/SSRs, CFSRs

17870 CCDRs

48600 Suspected Irregular Conduct (SIC)

So yes, some of the ones we called “new” are actually old stuff that’s been missing for a while. And some of the ones we called “updates” are similarly old dogs that have been reissued. And we didn’t list everything. But you can visit DCAA’s website and see all the new and revised audit programs, and you can categorize them any which way you would like to.

And, if you are especially diligent, you can read them to see what to expect what DCAA comes to your place of business in order to perform an audit.




Effective January 1, 2019, Nick Sanders has been named as Editor of two reference books published by LexisNexis. The first book is Matthew Bender’s Accounting for Government Contracts: The Federal Acquisition Regulation. The second book is Matthew Bender’s Accounting for Government Contracts: The Cost Accounting Standards. Nick replaces Darrell Oyer, who has edited those books for many years.